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And escorts are not whores, that is a disgusting attitude to have.

You claim you’ve had successful SD relationships on the site yet you say quality gentleman don’t touch the site..

I understand you’re angry your account was suspended but please stop using the word whore.

Women have to deal with slut shaming enough you should know this.

If men don’t get some sort of pleasure from a woman, almost all of them will leave, no matter what, a fact! I’ll pay for all the date expenses, that’s it, just like 95% of all men would.

I’m not making an excuse for the assholes that are on this site that are disrespectful towards woman in any way.

So don’t go making all the woman here look like victims, because that’s a bunch of bullshit.

I don’t give allowances, I pay as we meet, you have to earn your allowance through the arrangement agreed on.

Ugly men and ugly women have mental issues and refuses to acknowledge they are too ugly to be fucked by good looking people on regular dating sites, so they both joined these online prostitution sites to admire each other. I go to log on and my account is suspended, they claim one of my photo’s was on an escort site, they refuse to give me link to that I can find the person who stole my photo’s and refuse to restore my account.

My friends and I are in our late 20’s to early 30’s.

We went back onto regular dating sites and my friends had meet way more quality women than on these cyberspace prostitution sites with low quality women.

I ask woman questions to see if their legit and worth my time. Go to and ask to be paid just to meet a man, you’ll never be asked out period, unless he’s mentally ill.

I had high expectations when I first joined the site and was disappointed and stressed out, why?

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If a SB registers from a email address (indicating that she is a college student), Seeking Arrangment automatically upgrades her to a paid premium profile for free. All of Brandon Wade’s and other sugar daddy websites are filled with mostly full time career prostitutes.

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