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Due to tactical circumstances, his troop got stuck in the mud of a shona near the Lomba River during a tank fight, and his Ratel 90 was destroyed at point blank by a T55 tank. We since me receiving medical treatment by the medics we inseparable until the day he died I was in the buffel with him Gnr. We as motars had a relatively easy going time when compared to our infantry brothers being base camp 81mm mortar home guards.

2Lt Alves, his crew as well as 32 Bn members such as Capt Mac Mc Callum was killed instantly. In 1982 our 14 day pass came up and us mortars where sent in groups with the platoons heading state side buddies went along with one of the first groups and on his return came passed eco water tower where a group of 4 sai ,and myself where deployed, he was in good spirit having just arrived from the airport,having left eco tower the group buddies found himself with where routed to a potential contact site ,on arrival ,from what news came back via radio and the personal that where with buddies, contact was made with a group of swapo having a beer at a mud hut come beer hall ,having arrived at the scene in buffels the group gave chase on foot later returning to the vehicles buddies was apparently leaning over the side of the buffle (vehicle) he had being in on arrival,a member on the ground ,making his weapon safe let a round off ,this hit buddies ,choppers arrived to take buddies to ondungwa but it was already to late,he passed away later that night.

Nadat die Suid Afrikaners aan Angola onttrek het in 1976, sou Swapo die geleentheid gebruik om operasionele basisse bykans teen die SWA grens te vestig. n groter kompleks bestaan as wat die foto interpretasie kenners raak gesien het. The platoon was in position for an ambush set up to stop insurgency from the north.

I think Richard completed his shift and handed over the watch to the next group and went to the toilet(which was a common thing to do),however with the rain beating on the trees and bushes,it made for eery,almost disturbing sound.We(the guys) had to move him around in the shade(out of the sun) from 7 am that morning till 11.I can recall when an enemy,terrorist,whatever he was called,was killed,they were picked up very quickly and removed.The shoulder of the road gave way under the Ratel and it rolled down hill and landed on it's roof. RIP Baadie Joachim and myself enrolled at 10 Art Brigade in Potchefstroom January 1983 and became best mates. I remember buddies well ,we trained together in H company 4 sai ,after mortar training we where moved over to delta on 3 platoon company together .If memory serves me correctly, Jef was the "gunner" on the vehicle, and was pinned in the hatch, when the Ratel landed on it's roof.2Lt Alves was a troop commander in the Anti - tank sqn of 32 Bn commanded by then Maj Hannes Northmann. Baadie was tragically killed when the Caspir he was travelling in rolled on the road from Ombalantu to Ondangwa. One day we were assigned to repair broken tables he operated a grinder and I held the table soon my great brown pants caught alight and my army shorts underneath melted into my leg. Our mortar troop split in half,the other half going over to c company,having completed training in September 1981 our company deployed to SWA .

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we trained and lived 32 but the fallen where never put on record, just a piss up at buffalo. in southern Angola, a 32 Battalion anti-tank Ratel commanded by 2Lt J. Alves was engaged in combat with FAPLA T-55 tanks, and became bogged down in a muddy shona. Toe die gunner weer om die boom kruip skiet Gert Eksteen hom met sy pistool dood. Hy beweeg terug, waar hy Kapt Meerholz aantref met ? Hy help Meerholz so aba-aba terug na die mediese pos. The tracker told me afterwards we should have shot him. If this is the J Barnard that i served with he was killed at Epupa falls in the Kokoveld(sector 10 ) in May/ June of 1987.

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