John ziegler dating

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John ziegler dating

First, there were only six human beings claiming “abuse” before Penn State fired Joe Paterno and Graham Spanier making it exceedingly obvious that Penn State would be writing big checks to accusers (though I would suggest that the hint of that possibility was in the air long before that).

Of those six, only two claimed “sex” and both of them have HUGE problems with their story and used the same therapist.

Note: The name of Victim 2 has been removed from the responses in two places to conform with the policy of not identifying victims of sexual assault, in this case, post conviction. Onward State: It’s been more than a year since we last spoke.

What is the biggest “revelation” or piece of evidence to come out of the Sandusky mess during the game?

Joe Paterno said on his death bed that he wanted the truth of this matter.

If that didn’t happen, it is one of the most remarkable coincidences of all time.Instead, 8 people testified and 30 came forward to sue Penn State.What would you say to people who believe it is impossible, or at least extremely unlikely, for that many people to be lying?Basic logic dictates that the rest of their “bench” was even worse than them.Onward State: Who do you think is the biggest “villain” in this whole situation (specifically, not just the media in general)?

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No one, and I mean no one, EVER answers that question because there is simply no good response, especially now that Aaron Fisher’s story is so suspect.