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Your parents must be very happy to have you, indeed. The only thing I can say is that you're the best... Good luck got my attention in Jewel in the Palace and really love his portrayal of King Sukjong in Dong Yi , an excellent Actor...drama, comedy, very expressive face, sad, happy, naughty, and really natural acting..he's so good-looking,intelligent and charming! That is an excellent serie, good in every ways ( storyline, cast, directing, soundtrack, etc...).Please continue to be in projects that will encourage the ordinary everyday person. I was 9 years old when I watched the TV series Dae Jang Geum... It was very interesting role..I was collecting your posters and your pictures... Your best role was in the drama Dong Yi & A Jewel in the Palace & Take Care of Us, Captain (you was so Lovely in this drama،Kim Yoon-Sung !!! I really like Ji Jin Hee as he is very talented, handsome, masculin, nice and humble. The last two series that I watched are his newest ones: "Take care of us, captain" and "The great Seer".I totally felt the genuine chemistry between you & Kim Hyun Joo in this drama. ) and I am currently watching "I Have a Lover", which is an excellent drama, any episode are boring at [email protected], he changes the boyish style during the drama, and of course, looks very handsome!I was really looking forward to seeing them with the anticipation of enjoying Ji Jin Hee's performance but they both are terrible disappointments.

Loved you in Dong Yi, loving you in I have a Lover (watching it now). I was impressed with his character in Blood (he was really malevolent!Believe, the drama is very good, with an excellent plot.Love him since "Take care of me, Captain" So handsome in Pilot uniforms.They are very funny, cute and have great chemistry.I hope they will act together again and I really hope that there will be more series with great storylines and characters that fit Ji Jin Hee's talent better. Your most out standing, Wonderful, Superb performances in Dongi Yi & in Jewel in the palace DEEPLY TOUCHED by ME and the SRI LANKAN Audience I'm very thankful for giving the sub titles in English because we can't understanding the Korean language.

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