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You know, the nine to five work, trivial worries, blah blah blah. Now at 38- years-old I'm out most weekends with the best of them. So get the message across to your readers’ older friends - go out there andgetalife! Here's to the next 10 years I Mike Cummins, Cardiff Right Old States I just wanted to write and say thanks for your kick-ass magazine!Over here in America we have some semi-decent attempts, but nothing compares to you.Haines by Puna Sacha sack frockooul su^Chaite Ner..ria^Vrgo,bladlster Bliss Nigel Dawson jjj QOpm - 6am £75.00 Hfabooking fee Media, The Elite Building, Queen Street, Nottingham.So house was all a bit stale in the mid- Nineties was it? Old Kenny Dope records and ragga big beat that sounded like 1990 Shut Up And Dance cast offs.Not since Gilles Peterson and James Lavelle suddenly ‘discovered’ the work of Carl Craig has my gob been so smacked.

He gave Muzik this statement: "I was originally booked to play two hours each night, but because of the nature of havi ng three bands on one stage, every night would ru n out of time before the curfew.

The music scene here is half-assed and the club scene sucks.

All my friends who have been over to the UK tell me what a great time they've had - 1 can ’t wait to comeover! (Did you hear that Everything But The Girl record?!!

Steve, Andy, Lee, Ellieand Kate-The Gatecrasher Kids Homelands In Ireland A big thank you must go out to everyone who organised, played and went to Homelands in Ireland.

It was the best and most insane event ever held over here and we very much look forward to doing it again next year.

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Karen, Birmingham Dad Can Dance It’s never too late to party !