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Muslim dating singapore

The thought of conversion wasn’t so scary because Sham and I had had many discussions about our expectations, and we both knew that I was converting so that we could get married and be accepted by his family.” “Converting whole-heartedly to Islam is a personal thing for me and Sham understood that.

We agreed to have a civil marriage so that my family could also take part.

We have 3 children now, and the eldest is just starting primary school.

Whatever hardships we face are usually from outsiders, who judge us and our children, and tell us how we should behave and bring up our children.” Well, marriage is a lot about adjustment and today Norsham and Anne are parents to three adorable kids, Aleisha Chua Norsham, 6, Aqeil Chua Norsham, 4, and Aleina Chua Norsham, 2.

It’s important to know each other’s needs, wants and expectations.

It is also important to keep on working on the marriage.

So it’s important to arrange for couple time, without the kids, and enjoy each other’s company every once in a while.” Lastly, looking back, is there anything you would have changed?

We registered at ROM, then had the Muslim solemnisation at his home a few months later.

I had converted but did not tell my family about it.” “We got married in 2008. She can cook whatever she wants and I do not force her to embrace the Malay rituals and traditions.

And furthermore, both my family and Sham’s family don’t really practise a lot of traditions. He responds, “Yeah we celebrate Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas.

Because our friends are all from different races and cultures. I don’t have difficulty adjusting to different cultures because I grew up having different kinds of friends, and it was pretty normal to have gatherings.” Anne completes, “For Chinese New Year, we just have dinner with friends and family.

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