Sex dating belgium women

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Sex dating belgium women

In 2008, there were 4,822,301 households in Belgium, of which 1,646,553 were single-person households. Couples with children number 1,057,481 (2015 figures).

The distribution of Belgium’s residents by region is as follows (2016): 6,477,804 live in the Flemish Region, 3,602,216 live in the Walloon Region (including 75,222 from the German-speaking Community (2010)) and 1,187,890 reside in the Brussels-Capital Region.

The figures in this text are based on statistics from the Directorate-General Statistics and Economic Information.

On the website, you will find a wealth of detailed statistics about the Belgian population.

The population density is 363 people per km(2015), although the north of the country is much more densely populated than the south. largely the working population, numbers 6,919,768 and accounts for the bulk of the population. The age pyramid (French - Dutch) clearly indicates an ageing population. Cardiovascular disease was the second biggest cause of mortality (31,308).

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