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If he isn't perfect, he can't expect you to be perfect either. He has interests and hobbies aside from dating you. When you're hanging out, he talks about things he wants to do with you in the future, even if it's just the future. He doesn't immediately start acting like your boyfriend after hanging out one time in a friend's backyard. He sends a "Hey, I had a lot of fun" text after hanging out with you.You want to date a person, not a prepackaged boyfriend. Going from zero to 100 real quick is a good way to end up crashing and burning before the relationship ever gets started. He isn't trying to follow any bullshit dating rules about waiting three days before texting or calling. He's clear about his intentions early on, instead of leaving you in "Is he a hookup or a boyfriend? If he doesn't know what he wants and doesn't figure it out in a reasonable amount of time, he probably never will.25. Not because he wants you to be his weird female twin, but because this is the best part of having a good girlfriend.

And a good boyfriend typically tries to avoid enormous fights. And when you screw up, he doesn't hold a grudge forever like a sullen teen named Todd.

For a great woman looking for a lasting partner in love, finding these rock-solid qualities in a relationship partner is priceless.

As we talked about, the immature “boy-man” is constantly trying to prove himself and win every battle, usually in an endless struggle just to feel good about himself.

Don't date a man-bully who could very well turn around and bully you if you piss him off.5. It's OK for him to encourage you to be friendly with his friends, but it's not OK for him to have an exclusive conversation with Chad while you sit alone awkwardly on the couch.6.

He always offers to share the last slice of pizza with you and then doesn't say anything when you "accidentally" eat way more than half of it.

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That in mind, here are 5 sure signs that you’ve finally left your immature “boy-man” behind to become the kind of mature, “real” man who’s ready for the relationship of his dreams: We’re not talking about taking out the trash here (although that always helps.) We’re talking about committing to an “emotional” housecleaning that welcomes and invites an amazing woman into your life.

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