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Who is sonni abatta dating

While the sale gave Du Mont a short-term cash infusion, it eliminated Du Mont's leverage in getting clearances in other major markets. After the sale closed in January 1955, Westinghouse changed WDTV's call letters to KDKA-TV, sistering it to Westinghouse's pioneering radio station KDKA (1020 AM; and later to 92.9 FM, now WLTJ).

As such, it became one of the few stations east of the Mississippi with a "K" call sign.

As a result, WDTV had a de facto monopoly on Pittsburgh television.

Channel 2 became a primary affiliate of the higher-rated CBS network instead.When the release of the FCC's Sixth Report and Order ended the license freeze in 1952, Du Mont was forced to give up its channel 3 allocation to alleviate interference with nearby stations broadcasting on the frequency.WDTV moved its facilities to channel 2 on November 23, 1952.According to network general manager Ted Bergmann, WDTV brought in million a year, which helped sustain the network.Owning the only viewable station in such a large market gave Du Mont considerable leverage in getting its programs cleared in large markets where it didn't have an affiliate.

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It was the third and last Du Mont-owned station to go on the air, behind WABD (now WNYW) in New York City and WTTG in Washington, D. To mark the occasion, a live television special aired that day from pm to 11pm, with live segments from Du Mont, CBS, NBC, and ABC.

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