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since i upgraded my laptop to edgy, i lose X if i try to change the power-off settings in the system settings GUIhow would one make adjustments to the power management settings for one's monitor from the command line?

since i upgraded my laptop to edgy, i lose X if i try to change the power-off settings in the system settings GUI (i only reposted this because my wording earlier had not been clear)jmichaelx: And look you install kubuntu configure eth1 because while installation the network card is eth1 than you boot into your newly installed system and than it is suddenly eth2 and you wonder why the network doesn't work Find your themes at: - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !

You can further investigate by pressing enter over the IDE configuration and then looking at the items listed.

It will have all your hard drives and cd/dvd drives listed here.

Here I will give you a little run down on the Tabs and what they could have in them.

In the advance tab you often find information on the IDE configuration, the Floppy Configuration, the Boot Settings configuration.

The computer BIOS setup utility (also known as the CMOS setup) is the place where you can change a few basic computer hardware settings.

The BIOS and CMOS often get confused but there is quite a difference.

You can see its exact size, the vendor and the mode and other specifications. It just gives you power options that you can change. The boot tab of the BIOS setup gives you all the options for when you boot up. You can choose whether you want to boot from the Floppy Drive, CD drive, or hard drive and in what order.If these don’t work, then your computer will specify on startup such as (press ******* to enter setup) or it will be mentioned in your manual.There is no harm in looking at the setup, so find your key and have a look (just make sure you don’t save on exit).My mother's digi Kam install "Failed to list files in /camera" but accessing system:/camera through Konqueror works and selecting the camera directly from the digi Kam "Camera" menu works too. phobiac: The auto-displayed-on-start photo list errors out and i can neither kill it nor fix it.(every time, she has to click OK on the error, close it, and then pick the camera specifically from the Cameras menu)phobiac: I'm trying to setup an "intranet" I had it ok, until I listened to a friend, now things are foobar'd..... and i can access then.just see them in the tres in the left side of konqueror K-Ryan: Find your themes at: - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !

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I wouldn’t recommend going back to these defaults as they will change everything, unless you know what your doing.

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